Domestic Fair Trade Networks

Through the Center for Fair and Alternative Trade alongside Dr. Laura Raynolds, we are working on a set of collaborative research projects with the Domestic Fair Trade Association. We are overall interested in the conditions supporting or hindering the development of fair labor practices throughout the United States and Canada.

The first project summarized the research and media coverage of domestic fair trade as a market and consumer category. This resulted in a report that was release in 2018 on World Fair Trade Day.

The second project is looking into the fair trade certification decisions of three food cooperatives. We are interested in the conditions that lead to adopting the Food Justice Certified certification through the Agricultural Justice Project. In the case of non-adoption we want to know whether and to what degree food cooperatives maintain fair labor standards throughout their supply chains.

The third project is working alongside the Federation of Southern cooperatives to determine the efficacy and structure of their produce supply for food cooperatives.